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Tim Homesley has been fishing Roaring River State Park for over 30 years, and has fished an average of 300 days per year for the last 23 years.




In addition to his own outstanding experience on the local streams and lakes, Tim also has access to the experience of the three guides he runs out of his shop.

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Fishing has been great this year at Roaring River State Park, the water has only been up a few times and is in great shape right now, the park has been spared the worst
of the the storms in the area, the river is mostly clear right now and a bit above normal, but it is making for some real good fishing.

2 or 3 lb line is best, I wouldn't fish line heavier than 4lb, clear or ultragreen type lines are best for your spin and spincast reels.

Fly fishing is getting better everyday, beetles, ants, small hoppers, cicadas, and many dry flys are working well right now.

Nymph fishing is good, pheasant tails, sow bugs, burlaps (caddis larva), copper johns, prince nymphs, zebra midges, and hares ears are
all working well right now.

Marabou jigs are good right now, micro jigs are working very well also, dark colors most days seem to be working best, but early and late, the white, ginger and cream is pretty good.
Spinners are always good, early, and if you fish them slow and deep they will catch a few trout all day long, dark colors seem to be the best right now.
Small gold spoons are good also right now.

Plastic eggs in white, fl. yellow, fl. orange, and pink have been good, plastic worms in orange/white cheese, white, pink, and the electric chicken have all been good.
In zone 3, night crawlers, powerbait paste, the powerbait nuggets and minnows are all producing good #'s of trout.

     - Updated 05/22/15




August 2013 flood photos: 










Guide Phil Glaze












Tim caught this 20" McCloud River rainbow out of Crane Creek. 







Here's a beautiful 15-lb, 31 1/2" Char that Tim Homesley caught on a trip to Alaska.




For the latest water conditions from the USGS, log on to http://waterdata.usgs.gov:80/nwis/uv?07050152 .













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