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Tim Homesley has been fishing Roaring River State Park for over 30 years, and has fished an average of 300 days per year for the last 23 years.




In addition to his own outstanding experience on the local streams and lakes, Tim also has access to the experience of the three guides he runs out of his shop.

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Water is murky and still kinda high, it is dropping everyday, we did not flood all the campgrounds are fine.

With the murky water, you can use 2-lb line and do fine, but you can use 4-lb and do good right now also.

I expect the water to drop everyday for a while, we are expecting about 7 days of dry weather, that should really help.

Fishing has been rather good, with a fly rod, not much dry fly fishing right now, but nymphing, woolybuggers, glo-balls, san juan worms, mega worms and chamois worms are working great in the higher murky water, but you'll need to add a bit of extra weight here and there, you'll have to look at each pool and decide, how much weight you'll need.

Spinners are still working well, let em sink down close to the bottom, and reel them back just fast enough to make the blade spin, dk colors seem to be working the best.  Gold spoons are pretty good, fish em deep, and reel them back very slow, lots of nice trout caught on spoons when the water is like this.

Some nice trout are being caught on crankbaits, 3" and smaller minnow patterns are usually the best choice, and the rebel crawfish is always a good choice. Larger jigs are working well, 1/32- 1/8 are good right now.

Power bait is really good in this murky water, eggs and worms are both good, cheese yellow, white, flo. yellow and flo. orange have all been working very well, just remember to use extra weight right now.

Good luck on the river this week.

     - Updated 06/01/15




August 2013 flood photos: 










Guide Phil Glaze












Tim caught this 20" McCloud River rainbow out of Crane Creek. 







Here's a beautiful 15-lb, 31 1/2" Char that Tim Homesley caught on a trip to Alaska.




For the latest water conditions from the USGS, log on to http://waterdata.usgs.gov:80/nwis/uv?07050152 .













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