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We are having one heck of a good year here at Roaring River this year, the river has been full of trout all summer, and we are seeing some real nice trout being caught, lots of 3lb trout and several over 8 have been reported the past few weeks, one was 10 lbs, man what a trout, those that size are a lot of fun, the 10lb rainbow was released, so it is still out there ready to be caught. Great dry fly fishing all year, the heavy rains never got us, and the river is actually low  and clear, the little rains we have been getting sure don't hurt a thing, probably helps more than we know.

I do know a good fast moving storm knocks a lot of food into the river, it just rains ants, beetles, hoppers, caterpillars and other tree living critters into the water for the trout to feast on, so rain is good.

We have good caddis and blue wing olive hatches right now, sometimes they are pretty heavy.

Good dries have been Elk Hair Caddis, Blue Wing Olives, Adams, Griffiths Gnats, black Ants, Black Beetles, Cracklebacks in hollow graphic green and grizzly hackle. Other drys will work also, but I catch trout on these almost everyday. 9' leaders in 7X will work best for dry fly fishing.

If you like nymphing, it is good to, pheasant tails, copper johns, burlaps, zebra midges, brassies sow bugs and small gold ribbed hares ears are all catching trout. San Juan worms, and the mega worms are still working well, and the white Chamois is still catching as good as ever.

Olive, black, brown and tan woolybuggers always catch trout, they will catch any gamefish in Missouri. I use buggers In various sizes, usually #8'-#14's work best for me, I user the bigger ones early and use the smaller ones during the day.

30 minute wonders are still working(spinners) black, brown, green, and white are still good colors and will work most days.

Plastic worms are still good, cheese yellow, white, orange/white, pink, orange, and the john deere green are all still working very well.

If you are using the power eggs, white, orange, pink, and flo. yellow will be your best colors. In zone 3 corn, worms, and power bait paste baits work very well, good luck this week on the river.

     - Updated 09/20/14

August 2013 flood photos: 










Guide Phil Glaze












Tim caught this 20" McCloud River rainbow out of Crane Creek. 







Here's a beautiful 15-lb, 31 1/2" Char that Tim Homesley caught on a trip to Alaska.




For the latest water conditions from the USGS, log on to http://waterdata.usgs.gov:80/nwis/uv?07050152 .













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